Thailand: Chiang Mai

With so much going on in this beautiful city its difficult to pick which things to do and what to cut out… here is a quick fire guide to what’s what. The best part about being in Chiang Mai is that most things are accessible by walking to, the town has a safe, homely feel to it. Which is always welcome when you are half way around the world from your real home.

Wat Phra That Doi Suthep, quite the mouthful to say but is a beautiful temple that is filled with the Thai culture and religious culture. Although it has a fairly long climb to get to the top, 306 steps while being surround by two giant sculptures of snakes, the view makes the climb worth it. There is an amazing view across the whole of the city from the lookout points around the temple itself, perfect for that picture perfect selfie you need. The temple itself is breathtaking with its golden rooftops and is just a wonderful place to take in the architecture that is surrounding you.

The Grand Canyon. This is a little further out from the main city centre, but is worth it on a hot day!  Have a splash around in the canyon and make some new friend in the process of having fun yourself.

Royal park Rajapruek, this is the perfect spot for a slower afternoon. Have a wonder around the extensive and beautiful gardens that you are surrounded by.

Spa Prison. Yes that’s right, its a spa where the money goes towards the inmates release funds. So pop by and help out the local inmates at the same time as having a traditional Thai full-body massage, you have never been pulled about so much in your life, that I can guarantee.

Although I am sure I have missed many things off my list and I know there are many more things still to be experienced in Chiang Mai, this is my top few things that I think you should have on your list when visiting!

There are also a range of trips to see Elephants and Tigers too, but you have to hunt around to find the most animal friendly companies to do these. Sometimes they aren’t looked after as well as you would hope. xxx C

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