Florence: Falling for food

What more does one need in Tuscany than lots and lots of food. This is my go to guide to food coma yourself when in Florence. I wish you luck and don’t forget your stretchy trousers.


Le Vespe Cafe, Best brunch in Florence by a mile, plus it doesn’t break the budget. Via Ghibellina 76R (near piazza santa croce)

Il Carduccio is a delicious option for those looking for an organic Italian brunch that you’ll remember, is a much healthier brunch option.  Sdrucciolo de’ Pitti, 10/R, 50125 Firenze

Lunch Bites:

All’antico Vinaio – this is the best place, skip the que and go into the restaurant area in the back of the shop. They will seat you and just ask for the meat and cheese platter to share.

The restaurant itself is tiny so don’t be put off by a milling crowd outside they will be the people just wanting a gourmet sandwich (they are also good but not as wonderful as the platter)!! Via dei Neri

Trattoria de Mario – This is even smaller family run restaurant where you share your table with the locals. It is always busy so don’t be put off by the wait it will be worth it. Irritatingly they do not take bookings but if you leave your name they will let you how long the wait will be so you can go and come back.

Here they do very traditional Florentine dishes including ‘Bistecca alla Fiorentina’, this is amazing but you have to be a real carnivora to have this massive slab of rare stake cooked to perfection. ‘Ribollita’ is another very Florentine meal it is lighter, a sort of breaded soup. These I would recommend here both are made to a very high standard. Via Rosina 2r (behind the San Lorenzo Market Place)

Gusta Pizza – Loving Pizza and being it Italy we had to venture about to get the right place and oh my days. This is a stone oven baked pizza place to eat in or to go which is divine. (This would make a good meal for either lunch or supper) There is also adjacent placed named Gusta Panino both are great places for a bite to eat. Via de’ Michelozzi (Piazza Santa Spirito)

Trattoria Osteria L’Antico Noè – For a on the go kind of day, go and grab yourself one of the best sandwiches. They are quick and easy and delicious. Volta di San Piero

Trattoria Sergio Gozzi (also known as ‘da sergio’)  is one of the best local options serving traditional Tuscan fare since 1915 , as reminded to me by my friend Coral of Curious Appetite. Piazza di San Lorenzo, 8R, 50123 Firenze


Acqua Al DueThis is a really sweet place to eat perhaps more in the evening than a lunch time spot as it has a much more traditional restaurant atmosphere. The staff were always super nice and helpful and the food will not disappoint whether you go for a pasta dish or anything else on the menu, it is all held to the highest standards. I suggest booking in advanced. Via della Vigna Vecchia
Buca Lapi – This little place is much more up market restaurant but a great venue and even better food. I suggest something including either truffle sauce or wild boar.. both are delightful. Via del Trebbio (extremely close to a church named, Chiesa dei Santi Michele e Gaetano in Santa Maria Novella)

Ice cream:

This is the only place I will be recommending for ice cream because it was far superior to any other we taste tested out there…

It is a tiny little place close to Palazza Santa Spirito, and I cannot for the life of me recall its name but it was on Via Toscanella close by the Pitti Palace.

All’antico Vinaio platter

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