Ireland: Dublin

Recently I had a short city break adventure to Dublin.

I fell head over heals for the place. Here are the highlights of the place that I found. This trip was a celebratory trip so much of our time was taken up with the good old tradition that the Irish are so famous for, drinking.

Tours and tastings:

Trinity Collage is a must to at least go and see. We were lucky enough to have fantastic weather and so had a picnic in the gardens for lunch. It was delightful and a rather picturesque venue for a spot of lunch.

We found that the best place to try things is at the source of the production. We went to both Teeling’s whiskey distillery as well as the Guinness Storehouse. I would highly recommend this to anyone who is planning a visit, even if it is just a short stop over for a few days. They were both good for different reasons but I would have to say that at Teeling it was a more of an interment experience with a much smaller group. It also allowed us to get more information form our guide, especially as we knew basically nothing about whiskey prior to going.

The Guinness Storehouse was really fun, although it was much busier and touristy. The experience was just as good and you really can taste the difference between the barrelled Guinness and the stuff that hasn’t been stored yet. I thought this to be a myth but you really do have to try it to believe it.

Evening entertainment:

There is a free comedy show that runs on Sundays, Mondays and Tuesdays at 8.15pm the Stag’s Head (1 Damn Court) which is fun evening of  entertainment in a relaxed environment.

After that you may even fancy popping down to Temple Bar to have a jig along with the live music that plays there almost every night.

There has been many a night of wondering that we had around the city centre that we had during our trip which meant that we went to so many places all around temple bar. Lots of interesting places we went to and even managed to have a fantastic time at The George bar, that turned into a gay bar by night. Needless to say it was a lot of dancing around without a care in the world. Although a heads up that it was a gay bar would have been appreciated prior to our entry. Consider this your warning.

To do that have been recommended:

These are a few recommendations that I was given but wasn’t able to go and explore myself but I think that it would be well worth doing!!

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