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Food is the sustenance for all of us, some just take more of an interest than others. Personally I adore all things food and drinks. So hopefully I am able to do it justice for you all.

I have spit this post into two sections to make life easier for all involved. I hope that you enjoy my brief break down for you on what to expect in each place.


This section is dedicated to the upper end of the market for restaurants. This doesn’t by any way cover all the places in town.

(Just the ones that I have sampled).

Araxi restaurant and oyster bar

Lets start with one of whistler’s most well known restaurant and it is delicious. Having dined there myself I can vouch for it. Scrumptious food and all locally sourced too. Always a plus in my eyes. There is a extensive wine list as well as a mouth watering selection of meats and seafood. More certainly something for everyone!

Price: $$$

Style: Fine dining – required booking in advance

Food: Pacific North-western

Bar Oso

This little bar and restaurant set as a tapas style resturant. They also makes a mean cocktail so don’t be afraid to order a few of those too. Antipasto boards that are found in dreams, can be eaten here. Do I need to say more? Cold meats and cheeses are the one.

If you can I would also advice trying to nab a seat on the bar so that you can watch the prepare it all before your eyes. I would also say that you will most likely have to wait a little while for your table as there are only 36 seats in the entire restaurant.

Price: $$

Style: Smart casual – no bookings taken

Food: Spanish influenced small plates

Barefoot Bistro

Known for being the most expensive restaurant in town. They have built them selves up to be the rival resturant of Araxi as they both have an oyster bar. A little more on the fine dining end than other places, so dust off the smarter clothes for this one. You most definitely will bump into the celebrities who blow through town visiting barefoot so keep your eyes pealed.

Price: $$$

Style: Fine dining – bookings required

Food: Pacific North-western

 Creek bread

There are a lot of options when it come so to picking a pizza place in Whistler. The best in my opinion however would have to be Creek bread. Go with a larger group you can get a few different types to sample. Full warning though they do have some strange ones we tried a taco pizza … I was not convinced but was glade to have tried it. It’s not everyday you have a taco pizza!

Price: $$

Style: Casual

Food: Pizza

 Il Caminetto

One of the new restaurants that has taken everyone by storm. Cocktails are to die for and the food takes me back to when I was living in Italy. I would tell anyone who is going out to Whistler to treat themselves and go here. Worth every mouthful. A taste-sensation if you will.

Price: $$$

Style: Fine dining- book in advance

Food: Italian

Red Door Bistro

This is a cuteness little restaurant that you will have to book in advanced! This restaurant is tucked away in creekside, the original village. Serving traditional Pacific north-western cuisine you are sure to find something that takes your fancy on their menu. Both their food and wines are a lovely treat.

Price: $$

Style:  Fine dining – book in advance

Food: Pacific Northwest


Moving back to the best everyday places to catch you nibbling at something. These are some of the places where you will find the locals tucking into a post ski snack.

El Furniture Warehouse

You know something is going to be on my cheap eats list when all the food is set at $5.95 all day every day (even if they have made it a dollar more expensive from start of the 2017/18 season to now). They have a lot of different types of food on their menu but basic and cheap. Also excellent when hungover in case you were wondering.

Price: $

Style: American diner

Food: Mixed

Hara Juku

Here you will be able to find some Japanese tapas. If you are about the aesthetics that surround you during your meal, this resturant will be a treat. It’s designed to make it feel and look like a little slice of Japan in the Canadian mountains. All the fish is able to remain fresh as a result of the unique location of Whistler being a costal mountain resort. So don’t worry about that just tuck into all the deliciousness.


Style: Casual

Food: Japanese Izakaya

 La Cantina

Fancy a taco? La Cantina is the place for you then. Fast and easy Mexican food all around. Just the way you want it! Have it in or to go or go crazy and get both… live life on the edge.

Price: $

Style: Diner

Food: Mexican

Peaked pies

It is what it says on the tin. Any pie you pick, get it peaked with mash and mushy peas. You won’t  regret it. A taste of Australia in ‘Whistralia’ it all makes sense.

Price: $

Style: Casual

Food: Pie

Samurai sushi

I would say that my friends are much more versed in the ways of sushi than me. It is cheaper than Sushi village and still meets the high standard you want in your meal. The main issue is that it is not in the villages, there is one in creekside and one in nesters. So a small bus trip away. Worth the journey if you are looking for affordable and good sushi.

Price: $$

Style: Casual Diner/takeaway

Food: Sushi


Want to be healthy? Build your own salad and make yourselves feel better. Gets those much needed greens in ya!

Price: $

Style: Casual

Food: Salad Bar

Spiltz Grill

If you want a burger, splitz is the place to go. Order just about anything and it’s is going to be just what the doctor ordered. If the doctor was telling you to eat burgers and fries that is… Also rather than getting poutine I would skip it and get the splits fries – way better.

Price: $$

Style: Diner

Food: Burgers

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