Set in the heart of Italy in all its marvellous wonder. It is hard to know when you have had enough when it comes to Florence. I lived there for three months and still I have not had enough. In order to get across all of the necessary information for the best time you can possibly have while in this magical city I have broken it up into sections for you so not to overload you with all the details in one go.

We will start with the foodies section. Just click the link below to be taken to the restaurant recommendations direct from me to you. As I am sure you will find out Florence is the food capital of Italy – which is a mighty big claim but it lives up to it without hesitation.

Florence: Falling for food.

The second section of information that you will find essential to any trip to Florence or in fact Italy in general, is a way to cut down on all the culture that is EVERYWHERE. You will find that there are a million and one museums, churches and monuments that are all described as a must see attraction. I have tried to help you out with your selection in Florence as an art student but these are just my suggestions, there is so much in the city to explore.

Florence: The Florentine experience.

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