Whistler: Winter edition

As I found when I first got to Whistler a lot of people go there and not ski. This blew my mind a little as I was there for the skiing. I had travelled across the globe for the snow where others just went as a holiday without the love of the mountain sport.

As a result I have made a hit list of things to do other than kill it on the mountain during the winter. Also for those of you who also hear the call of the mountains some skiing trips and deals that are worth looking into.

The non-Skier activities

Forged axe throwing

Embrace your inner lumberjack and go axe throwing like a true Canadian – don’t forget your plaid shirt. Gotta look the part. ($35)

Scandinave spa

Treat yourself. Go have a relax in the spa just outside of Whistler village. You deserve it. It’s a fancy spa too- silence is a must and you go from cold baths to hot and enjoy the many relaxation rooms with a herbal tea in hand. What more could you ask for? A massage? I agree you can’t get that too for additional cost. ($70 – for access to the baths)

Sliding centre

Adrenaline junkie? You better take a trip over to the sliding centre and have a go at bob-sledding or even a skeleton. Give it a go at the place where records were broken in the 2010 Winter Olympics. See if you have a new sport that you have to take up. (Prices do change depending on deals and seasons so give it a double check but around the $110 mark)


Zip-line across the resort and see the village from above as you zoom from Blackcomb Mountain to Whistler mountain and back again. I would recommend the Eagle tour but that is just because that is the one I did. (Tour dependent but around the $150 mark)

Ski and Snow activities

Cross country skiing

For the cross country skiing you better have you fitness levels up because there is lots of cardio involved. I would recommend the lost lake park for your cross country outing. Lots of beautiful scenic views along the way as well as being less likely to get lost in the process of your trip. This can be done in a tour or on your own if you are feeling more adventurous. ($99 for tours)

Fresh tracks

Fresh tracks allows  you to embrace your inner powder hound. Get up the mountain before everyone else (7.15am) and have a full buffet breakfast, its all you can eat so go nuts. Then head out the door after the bell rings at 8am so you can find the fresh pow pow on the slopes. This runs every morning so there is no rush but if you do decide to go on the morning after a large snow fall, make sure you get there super early. The queues get a little crazy. Turns out there are a lot of powder hounds in Whistler unsurprisingly.(Tickets are $24 each)


There are so many snowmobile tours its ridiculous so you wont have a lack of options. I would go for the tours up the mountain that include a meal as well though. Making it an event rather than just a day up the mountain. Two for the price of one.

Canadian wilderness Adventure have a few options that you can pick from the link is below for the website.


Playing in the snow is always good fun but it’s even more fun when you are movingly at high speeds. I have found as a result everyone has to go tubing at least once. You may as well have a bit of slippery fun.

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