Whistler: Ski season

I have recently been living in the ski town, Whistler. Based in British Columbia for the winter 2017/18. Being able to live and work here has been a dream come true. Everyone I have met during my time just made it that much more special!

The idealistic scenery that surrounded me during the 6 months I was here was the icing on the cake. I know that what I am able to pass on will be only the tip of the iceberg for many who go and visit but these are the things that I am recommending 100% to anyone who is planning on spending any extended time around my winter home.

I have split this into two sections.  Therefore  won’t bore you by getting you to read all of the advice that I am about to part ways with.

The two parts I will be producing are linked in below.

Part 1 – Where to eat and what to expect

Part 2 – Things to do both on and off the ski slopes

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