America: Canyonlands National Park

The lands of Canyons. Canyonlands is located about a half an hours drive from Moab city. I would love to return to Moab one day. Although it is not much to look at Moab is a place that is located surrounded by action adventure sports and activities. So if you like the outdoor I cannot recommend Moab enough. It is very American though, not particularly set up for outsiders and the environments worst enemy. All the hotels that we stayed in all had disposable plastic plates, cups and cutlery. I was horrified to see such a waste to be created just with breakfast. Not good.

Canyonlands was beautiful and is split into two parts. The Island in the Sky and The Needles. Both of which I would say are worth the visit to.

The Islands in the Sky – Northern part of the park

So the Islands in the sky are beautiful and you are able to see the most iconic looking landscapes that they must have featured in a million and one movies over the years. We also saw an epic thunder storm from here and the best bit, it was far enough away so you saw it without hearing it. All the good bits without the negatives in my opinion (not a fan of thunder over here).

IMG_0041 2

This part of the park I would say is easier to access by car and also not too much walking unless you want to. So better for those of you are there for the scenery without the effort of getting those hiking boots on. There are lots of smaller walks in this area and the views around you will not disappoint that is for sure. You know what I will let the photographs speak for themselves here.

The Needles – Southern area in the park

If I was going to have to pick one location or another I would say go to the Needles, mainly because it is not busy at all. Granted it is further away but I have to say it is very beautiful and totally worth the extra miles on the meter. This park of the park is much quieter than the northern part, most likely due to the fact that arches is much closer to the Northern entrance rather than the southern. This part also has longer treks that are available and they are much more of a wilderness walk as I like to think of them. When you are following Carnes rather than a pathway. It makes you feel like you are lost within nature although you are following a designated pathway still so not as adventurous as you can be. This area was amazing with waterholes, dried riverbeds, dirt tracks and narrow passage ways. I would say to anyone going to Canyonlands to head to the Needles over the Island in the sky that is much more tourist friendly as I like to call it.

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