New Zealand: A foodie in Christchurch

So here I am living it up in Christchurch for the next three days. You will hear all about that when I finally get around to completing the post on Canterbury, but seeing as I am still on the North island posts, you will have to wait a little while longer. This however couldn’t wait as I wanted every detail of the glorious food we have found here in Christchurch to be fresh in my mind when describing our culinary experiences. I am sure you would agree with me if you ever get the chance to give it a go yourself.

Lets start where we began, having been in the van for far too long. Although we are now sad that Jeanine has been returned, at this point, we were done with our home on wheels. As a result we decided to treat ourselves and splashed out on a B&B for the night.  So that evening we went for a wander around the city centre to see what looked good to eat. The first place we tried told us that there was a 45 minute wait time to be seated, which was no good for us. So the hunt continued and we ended up checking out the Cathedral that is under construction and the square surrounding it. Here we spotted a busy little restaurant that was spilling out onto the pavement so went in to have a look. This restaurant was attached to the rather fancy hotel chain Heritage hotels. We were not by any means ready for a pricy meal and that was not what we got, thank goodness. What we did get though was two really beautiful glasses of wine and a perfectly sized burger.  Will went for the chicken burger after being a little put out that his usual, beef, wasn’t on the menu and I went for a vegetarian burger. It has to be said that I am really getting into my vegetarian meals these days.

The chips were hand cut and lightly salted which just made them so perfect. They also managed to cook them so that they weren’t looking like an anaemic piece of potato, and yet, not all withered and black either. I would rate them a solid 9/10 on the french fry scale of perfection. They were accompanied with home made tomato sauce, which as a true Heinz lover I am normally very sceptical over. This one caught my fancy, and has a little kick to it which really made it something a bit special.

The burger that I had was packed with vegetable goodness. A falafel, beetroot and rocket burger. Need I say more.


The next culinary experience that blew our minds was a fun little complex of restaurants that gave the street food vibe with an up-market feel ↠ so naturally it was a win win. A little placed called Little High. It was so good that we went back two days in a row. Yes we are that cool ok and couldn’t think of any other places to try that tickled our tastebuds. Oh man I am so pleased we did!

Little High Eatery

Round 1.

The first visit was Thai food from Noodlemonk. Which as they described their food as;

“soulful and flavoursome Thai street
food with a variety of Asian beer
and local wine”

It was just that and more. We both went for some Thai rice dish which was divine, and took me back to my time in Thailand itself, just without as much spice to it. I’m a complete spice baby ↠ Not what I am good at handling in my food. In fact Will is convinced I’m allergic to chilli because I start laughing so much when I have it. A few times I have even been crying with laughter at nothing. I’m not crazy I promise but it happened, it was weird and I cannot explain it. Anyway, our no-chilli-fied meals arrived and they were so good! I haven’t had Thai food that has even come close to the food that I had in Asia but this time it was comparable. I was impressed. When eating the food you have to pair it with the drink so naturally it was Tiger beers all around.

IMG_2743 2

Round 2.

Round two was all about the dumplings.

“Boutique Chinese food featuring hand made dumplings, bao, dim sum; also traditional sichuan and taiwanese classics.”

Having the assorted dumplings was a very good shout as it allowed us to sample most of the menu. Always a win. We also shared a bbq pork rice dish which was just as good as the dumplings. We made a game with the dumplings too, because we are fun people. Guess the content of the dumpling. It was hard, but delicious. Each flavour was so clear and distinct but having little to no idea what the options were made it impossible to figure out exactly what we were eating. Even if we couldn’t figure out the combination of flavours we still agreed that whatever it was it was good.

I would definitely go back to Christchurch just to eat this all over again and I am sure Will agrees with me.


Casa Publica

So I wrote this and was ready to push the publish button, and then we went out for dessert. Oh boy, oh boy what a decision it was. Casa Publica do real good puddings. I had the white chocolate torte and Will had the churros both of which were fantastic but my pick was superior so I was happy. Will also started to try some of the rums from his 101 rums to try before you die book, what a fantastic present that was from me! Needless to say he was very happy about the whole situation.

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