New Zealand: Ready, Set, Queenstown

The tails of making the move to Queenstown.

So as most backpackers who travel around New Zealand on a working holiday visa, we set off with the intension of stopping in Queenstown to earn back the money that we had thus far spent on our epic NZ adventure. Making the move is the easy part as it turns out. The little town that is a ski town by winter and biker town in summer is set at the bottom of the Southern Alps on a beautiful lake. The surrounding areas are just as picture perfect as the the little town that we now call home but Queenstown has something that they don’t. During the day this little town is crawling with people from all over the world, it truly is the most densely populated places that we have seen in the whole time we have been in NZ.

The decision to set up shop in this little town in particular was partly because of all the amazing things that we had heard about the place before we even headed over to NZ. So bags packed and off we went to the adventure capital of the world. To set up a new home and to replenish the funds in the bank once more so that we can see more of the wonderful things around the south island. Making the physical move involved an eight hour bus drive down from Christchurch. The timing that we had wasn’t that fantastic either, seeing as the Queenstown marathon was being held two days after we arrived so we had to find a place to live ASAP otherwise we would be stuck for the weekend without a place to stay. Then we would have truly been homeless.

Luckily we had read up and already knew that the housing market in Queenstown was a bit of a mission to get your foot in the door. With this in mind we had joined the Queenstown housing facebook groups in order to set up house viewings when we arrived so that we were not left out in the cold. As a result of our fantastic planning and preparation we were able to look around a few places as soon as we arrived in town and found a place just like that. It was very lucky that we did, as the next day we moved in. So our move to Queenstown was all systems go and we were moving at full pace. Now the the housing issue has been sorted we turned our attention to finding a job.

The job market is much like it was when I was in Whistler, so much available around town all you need to do is drop in the resume and wait for them to give you a call.

All in all you don’t need to stress too much when making the move to a new town in a new country. As long as you have done some research towards the types of jobs that are going in the area and also take a look at the housing issue prior to arrival, its all easy peasy…

After all this wasn’t my first international move.

Things to note when moving to New Zealand:

You need to get your IRD number which is basically a tax number before you can start being paid. We got ours as soon as we landed in New Zealand so we didn’t have to worry as well as sorting a bank account out. We went with Kiwi bank. Also if you are from anywhere other than NZ or Australia you have to use your passport as a form of ID rather than drivers licences, they just don’t fly over here.

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