New Zealand: Adventure Queenstown

When you think of Queenstown you think adventure activities. After all it is the adrenaline capital of the world, so it would be rude to not give it a good run for its money. Try out of the adrenaline fuelled actives, the one thing I always said I would not take part in is a bungie jump. I stayed true to my word and didn’t partake although many of my friends did. The thing is you can’t do everything so here is just a rundown of the things that I did do whilst in the little town in central Otago.

The Ledge Swing, AJ Hackett

Valentine’s day. To make up for last year where we were separated by an ocean this years Valentines we promised to make it one that we would remember. That we did. This years valentines we pulled the cord ourselves and free fell over 40 meters before being caught in our harnesses to have a slightly more relaxing swing. No metaphors used. We had to literally pull the pin out in order to fall.

Even though every ounce of your being is telling you its a bad plan. You are going to do it anyway. It’s what you paid for in the end. Oh and you free fall at both ends of the swing because you gain so much momentum, so no relaxing once you start swinging. We picked the AJ Hackett, the Ledge swing as it gave us the views over our home. At least it’s scenic. To be completely honest, after you get over the heart leaping into your mouth, it is really great. The adrenaline is pumping through your body and you can enjoy the view whist being pulled to and throw. Something that I would recommend to everyone who is on the hunt for some adventure whilst in the adrenaline capital of the world.


Skydiving, Taupo tandem skydiving

Ok so we choose to do this not in Queenstown but in lake Taupo, but I am still going to write a little about it here. There are so many places in New Zealand that you can skydive so you just have to pick your location and go for it. Taupo was the first place to do a tandem skydive however, so although this wasn’t my first choice of location. The weather changed my plans as I am sure you will find out when trying to book your own skydiving adventure.

The build up was by far the worst bit of the whole thing. Watching the people jump who were doing the lower heights, that is when the realisation kicks in. You are about to jump out of a moving plane, and you have paid for this experience. They shuffle you forward in the plane so that I am sat on the floor strapped to the man who is jumping with me.

At this point I am trying to keep as calm as possible, then the door opens. No going back now. Before I could think about it I’m dangling out of the plane, “smile for the photo…” and go. We are falling out of the sky but it feels like you are floating down to earth. Although your face is sometimes distorted by the air pressure. It was an incredible experience and I cannot recommend it more highly. It is for some a once in a lifetime experience, but its something I would do again! But I will let you decide if you will want to jump out of a plane multiple times or not, each to their own and all.

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