The Bucket list

“She was afraid of heights, but she was much more afraid of never flying “ – Atticus

Here is the reason I got started on these mad little adventures around the world. I find the world an amazing playground to get lost in. To set me off I had this bucket list, an ambitious list. It keeps growing the more thing I tick off the more thing I need to do. The lost also pushes me to do things that I otherwise would talk myself out of. Of find excuses not to do in the end – I know my self too well.

I split the list into sections to make them easier to understand what draws me to them. So without further a do in no particular order here is my list, if I’m missing any essentials add yours into the comments below.

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Sky Diving 18,500ft. Lake Taupo, New Zealand. April 2019

Cage dive

Wreck dive

Swim with dolphins

 Tomorrow land festival

1907301_10152350541224099_6830434831864498606_n 2
Notte bianca, Florence. Easter 2014
IMG_5406 2.jpg
Ski Season, Whistler. 2017/18

Three peak challenge, UK

Claudia’s wonders of the world (Natural)

Ok so I know I have put Claudia’s wonders of the world and that is because the ‘official’ wonders of the world change all the time so I have compiled a list that are what I call the 7 natural and 7 man made wonders of the world. I might have gone over but there is just too much cool stuff to see and I need more excuses to go.

Grand Canyon, USA. September 2018
Mt Everest, Nepal (base camp – is as close as I am getting). May 2018

Victoria falls, Zimbabwe

Great Barrier Reef, Australia

Paricutin, Mexico

Northern lights

The harbour, Rio de Janeiro

Atticarmer desert, Peru/Chile. February 2014

South Pole, Antarctica

Hi Van Pass, Vietnam. August 2017

Claudia’s wonders of the world (Man made)

Petra, Jordan

Machu Picchu, Peru. March 2014.

The pyramid of Giza, Egypt

Taj Mahal, India

1236892_10151853263059672_1861829870_n 2
Colosseum, Rome. August 2013

Stonehenge, England

Great Wall of China

Christ the redeemer, Rio

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